Strategic Consulting For The Forex Industry

Our Approach

A unique, four-phase approach for Forex

Boone Management adopts a unique approach to identify and operationalising the kind of forex management that will benefit your business.


Phase 1: Identify

In this phase we want to understand how your business operates, noting your export and import cycles, your current hedging strategy and hedging instruments you use. We also make sure we understand the size and nature of your forex exposure.


Phase 2: Strategise

In phase two, our goal is to understand your management expectations and your risk appetite. From there we can more accurately formulate a risk management strategy that suits your business.


Phase 3: Execution

In this phase we both manage and monitor your forex, taking note of your interest rate risks in real time. We will also deal with each of the banks’ dealing rooms on your company‚Äôs behalf to obtain forex rates for hedging.


Phase 4: Reporting & monitoring

Finally, we report on our actions and keep a careful look out for future fluctuations and market opportunities.