Strategic Consulting For The Forex Industry


Better Forex management starts here

Boone Management is a group of independent, foreign exchange (forex) specialists that help both individuals and organisations understand and manage their forex needs.

Our passion? Helping businesses understand:

  • How forex works
  • Currency risk management
  • The nature of import and export cross-border transactions


Our aim is to make your life easier through expert currency risk management that is guaranteed to improve your trading and business environment.

In addition to fundamental services and training, Boone Management can also assist you in analysing, understanding and managing:

  • The level of your forex exposure, specific to your geography and the market in which you operate.
  • Any financial risks you may not be aware of, like interest rate and commodity price fluctuations
  • Policy and other issues that affect profits and shares
  • Internal company processes, which can either aid good forex practices or be to your disadvantage


We also offer both individuals and groups a series of training workshops to streamline your forex dealings.

Boone Management is proud to partner with ACM Gold for trusted forex solutions.